Thankful…For What I’ve Lost

Thanksgiving day.  Not much of an opportunity between prepping the food (assisting really), loading the car, arriving at the feast, eating too much.  But that seems to be the order of things lately so I’d better adapt and blog anyway.

It’s been a couple of months and in that time I’ve spent reflecting I notice it’s been a year of loss.  Some of the losses are tough to get over – my attachment to how things had been, wishing for that one more moment of whatever.  In an amazing life of blessings, opportunities and events to be thankful for I notice about every decade or so there seems to be a groundswell of losing.  Not having things go my way, having endings rather than new beginnings.

This has been one of those years.

Today then I give thanks for the things I’ve given up either by choice or by the natural progression of life.  In the past (no guarantee it will be this way in the future) giving up all of those things has been a clearing of space and clutter within the space.  Giving those things up has allowed for seeing who I’ve been being in those relationships, how I could have made the difference that made a difference, or enjoying the fact that I made the type of adjustments necessary for living a powerful, fulfilling existence.  Giving up those things that I’ve lost allowed the clearing for the new magnificence to appear.

One thing reveals itself in times of loss – if you are willing to be bold and make yourself vulnerable.  The grieving and sorrow and anger and fear of more loss are an indication of the true loss, the loss of love present and experienced.  It’s challenging to trust again when one has lost, or make oneself vulnerable again, or willing to be present to the current experience in the moment.  But if I dust myself off, cry when necessary or be angry when necessary, and then forgive again or let go of my attachment to how I expected it to go, the intention that I had that was thwarted, and deliver that undelivered communication what shows up in that space again is Love.  Truth.  Aletheia.  The source of it all.

The same thing that reveals itself when we’re winning.  It’s always there and sometimes we’re just blind to it.  I miss my Father this year at Thanksgiving, and the others.  But the presence of their love is here if I allow the space for it.  If you allow yourself to experience it, I hope you sense the presence of my love for you.

With Sweet Sorrowful Truth/Love/Aletheia,