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Just MeThis is who I am. Who I am is love present and experienced in the world. In the space or clearing that love creates, all people (including me) experience freedom to express themselves fully, and be who they’ve always dreamt of being. This freedom which allows all people to be exactly who they are, and exactly who they are not, creates deep and profound peace like the silence of the world after a mid-winter snow fall, or the warmth from the sun that is felt on a fresh spring day. Being this way sometimes requires courage in the face of the widely held belief that there is something wrong. I am courageous and call forth that space from which love can be experienced, regardless of whether or not I may look foolish, or weak, or if it may offend people that I am love in the face of so much contempt and righteousness in the world. I am not righteous about who I am, I just am who I am.

Being love gives me a charismatic quality that has a success effect in what I do.  People want to be around me and they may not know precisely why; because I am being so my Self, they also get to be their Self. This is only possible through rigorous maintenance of integrity.  I will do what I say I will do, by when I say I will do it and if I am not going to do it or not going to do it on time, I will communicate that immediately.

My career and life’s work is an expression of who I am. While my career will transition from working in the realm of technology into one working directly with people and organizations, who I am will remain consistent. In the end when I look back on my life, hopefully a long time from now, I will see that my being here has positively impacted my family, my friends, and many individuals in the communities I participate in.  While I will enjoy a life with many luxuries and frequent travel, my focus will be on this moment, and who I am for the people around me, having love be present for all, whether they know it or not.

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